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CMS Technical is a company born from extensive IT experience providing Business and IT Services. We are based in Sale Cheshire and have the expertise to support all your IT needs.

We have been in the computer technology trade since the mid 80's. Always commited to building a reputation for professionalism within the IT market and prove this through our attention to customer service.

We specialise in offering IT, communication and management services to leisure and hospitality resorts in Spain and the UK.


What makes our IT support different?

  • As a small business, we know what other small business want (and what they dont!). We offer reliability, value for money, expert advice and honest, friendly support.

  • Companies need peace of mind with their IT systems. We like to compare our service to that of an in-house IT person that is often available in larger organisation.

  • We keep up to date records of your IT equipment and will come to the rescue if anything fails be it software related or hardware.

  • We base your needs and time on the number of computers you have. We will then make an appointment to review your requirements with you.


Remote Workers

In an increasingly mobile working environment, the ability to access work computer networks while out of the office is becoming an ever more important business tool. CMS Technical offers a range of remote access services, including virtual private networks, remote desktop connections and remote terminal servers.

In a busy office environment, we are increasingly looking for ways to improve productivity whilst keeping the work-life balance right. Whether you have a branch office, remote or mobile workers, accessing your essential business information allows you to stay in control.

Mobile working solutions offer a broad range of products and services that allow your workers to stay in touch.  A few examples:

  • Providing remote email and document or screen access to mobile devices. We can seamlessly join offices or remote teams with virtual private networks.

  • Distributed phone systems both office and cloud based where extensions can easily be moved between locations or run from soft-phones on a mobile or PC or Mac.

  • Single Number Reach: One phone number for employees providing voice connectivity and automated voicemail regardless of their location.

  • Extension Mobility: Log in to any telephone in your network regardless of location.  Idea for hot desking applications!

  • Anything digital can be connected remotely and securely. Computers, servers, printers, cameras, phones, physical access lock controls. The possibilities are endless.

  • Remote Desktop to have instant access to their office machines. Control the keyboard and mouse and work in real time as if sat at their office desk.

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